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The Man From Nowhere Blu-Ray Review

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The Man From Nowhere Blu-Ray Review

Synopsis: Tae-shik (Won Bin) is an ex-special agent whose tragic past has made him distance himself from the world. He now lives in solitude and runs a small pawnshop. The only people he now sees are the few pawnshop customers and So-mi (Kim Sae-Ron), the young girl who lives next door. So-mi has also been neglected by the world and as she and Tae-shik begin to spend more time together, the two gradually open themselves to one another and become friends. Then one day, So-mi suddenly disappears. So-mi s mother becomes involved in a major crime causing both her and So-mi to get kidnapped. Tae-shik is drawn back out into the world in a frantic search for So-mi s whereabouts. In order to save So-mi, his one and only friend in this world, Tae-shik makes a certain arrangement with the crime mob. While So-mi is still nowhere to be found, the police begin to chase after Tae-shik. With the police and the underground mob close on his tail, Tae-shik continues his frantic search for So-mi and his hidden past slowly becomes revealed...

Review: Do you enjoy Korean action films?  The Man From Nowhere was the biggest box office draw of last year in Korea.  Now, we're getting it released here in America on blu-ray.  I grew up watching bad martial arts films, but they were primarily American made.  The art of the action film was really perfected overseas with a lot of little know gems.  This new one is an instant classic.

This film features the amazing talent of Won Bin, who is a fantastic martial arts star.  The film, originally titled "Mister" in Korea, is the same formula we always see...blood-soaked, ultra-violent revenge!  The film is well-made and fast-paced action joy.  It looks fantastic in high-definition and really is one of the best action films we've had the pleasure of viewing in years.  We highly recommend this one.

Interest Range: Action, Drama

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