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All Dogs Go To Heaven Blu-Ray Review

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All Dogs Go To Heaven Blu-Ray Review

Synopsis: One of the most expensive of Don Bluth's animated cartoon features, All Dogs Go to Heaven was also among the most successful. Set in late-'30s New Orleans, the story centers upon a roguish German shepherd named Charlie B. Barkin (voice of Burt Reynolds), who is killed early in the proceedings by his business partner, Carface (voice of Vic Tayback). Charlie travels to Heaven, and is promptly warned that if he heads back to Earth, he can never return; he does decide to go back to Earth, however, to exact revenge on Carface, who has kidnapped Anne-Marie, a little orphan girl who can talk to Animals. The film also includes the vocal skills of Dom DeLuise, Charles Nelson Reilly, Vic Tayback, Melba Moore, Loni Anderson, and a host of others. All Dogs Go to Heaven was the first production of the Dublin-based Sullivan Bluth Studios. Hal Erickson, Rovi

Review: Despite the title, this isn't a religious feature, but rather a really fun vintage animated film from the 1980s.  There is mention of heaven of course, but its in a more general sense of an afterlife.  The film features mobster dogs a hero and of course, a love interest heroine!  This film has it all and it really holds up well.  The transfer into high-definition really does well with animated films of all-ages and this one is no exception.  The picture looks fantastic and its nice to see a hand-drawn animated feature again!

Interest Range: Classic Animation, Kids Movies

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