Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Behemoth on DVD!

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Behemoth on DVD!

Synopsis: An earthquake reactivates a long-dormant volcano threatening the small town of Ascension, trembling in its shadow. But the gaping maws in the region reveal evidence of something else a centuries-old subterranean creature at last given the chance to break free in a black cloud of fire and ash. As the Behemoth wreaks havoc, it's a race against time as a small band of rescuers fight it with a force as destructive as the beast itself.

Review: Do you love bad b-movies?  Then this SyFy channel original feature is for you!  Its campy and cheesey and just fantastic!  Behemoth doesn't disappoint its loaded with a silly plot and great laughs if you enjoy sci-fi cinema misses!

Interest Range: Sci-Fi

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