Saturday, April 9, 2011

Highwater Blu-Ray Review

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Highwater Blu-Ray Review

Synopsis: The waves are monsters. The dangers are epic. The competitors are insanely gutsy. Or maybe just insane. But every winter, when breakers the size of office buildings topple onto the North Shore of Oahu, the world’s top-ranked extreme surfers risk injury and worse to win surfing’s fabled Triple Crown. With jaw-dropping rides from big-wave warriors like seven-time world champion Kelly Slater, 2003 Surfer of the Year Andy Irons, the fearless Malik Joyeaux and 13-year-old phenom Jon-Jon Florence, it’s the ultimate, adrenaline-fueled battle of surfing’s mega-stars. And it’s a battle not all will survive. Captured by acclaimed director Dana Brown (Step Into Liquid), Highwater is “…a breathtaking celebration of surfing excellence.” (Jeff Shannon, Seattle Times)

Review: Highwater is probably the most high-octane and crazy feature I've ever seen on pro-surfing.  It delves into the lifestyle and competition of the world's best surfers at they take over the wildly popular triple crown series!  The action looks amazing in high-definition!  Anyone into surfing will be very pleased with the respect and admiration that this film is made with!  It was a lot of fun and it really opened my eyes to the complexity of the sport and the lifestyle within!  Highly recommend!

Interest Range: Documentary, Surfing

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