Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Mystic Pizza Blu-Ray Review

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Mystic Pizza Blu-Ray Review

Synopsis: For sexy Daisy (Roberts), her sensible sister Kat (Gish) and their wisecracking friend Jojo (Taylor), the summer after high school is a summer they'll never forget. Slinging pizza at a local restaurant, the three girls share their hopes, dreams and plans for escaping their small town. And when Daisy is swept off her feet by a wealthy young man named Charles, they all think she's found her ticket out. But when the girls learn that Charles isn't the man they think he is, they discover that with friendship and self-respect, not only will they find real happiness (and a way out of Mystic)...they just might find themselves!

Review: Mystic Pizza is one of the classics!  This late 80s comedy has elements of drama too.  The lead role of Daisy is played by a young Julia Roberts who brings her characteristic wit and charm to the film.  The movie seems to be about love, but its really about self-discovery and the close bonds of friendship and family.

This classic has made it onto blu-ray finally!  The transfer into high-definition looks fantastic!  There is very little grain and the color pops so much better than the old DVD.  The skin tones are pretty clear too, although there is a little softness in some scenes.  Overall, a great release.

Interest Range: 80s Classic

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