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The Scarecrow and Mrs. King: The Complete Second Season DVD Review

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The Scarecrow and Mrs. King: The Complete Second Season DVD Review

Synopsis: A single mother in suburban Washington D.C. discovers she has a talent for espionage work when she meets a dashing undercover agent--but balancing her duties as a spy with her responsibility as a parent proves constantly entertaining in this romantic-adventure series.

Review: This is one of those shows where I knew the name, but I didn't remember the premise.  I grew up in the 1980s, but most of my time was spent trolling shows like Alf, the A-Team and Saved by the Bell.  In fact I watched Saved by the Bell when I woke up this morning, so I guess some things never change, huh?  I digress...the Scarecrow and Mrs. King could be qualified as a cult classic.  It has taken forever to hit DVD and the fans have been clammoring online for some time anxiously awaiting its release. This DVD set represents the complete second season of the show.  The first season was released last year to rave reviews.

The chemistry between Kate Jackson and Bruce Boxleitner (Mrs. King and the Scarecrow) is top notch.  The show is full of intrigue, fantasy and adventure.  The scope it put itself into was absolutely huge.  That was one of the great things about television shows in the 80s, they had no problem mixing romance, adventure and mystery.  Its a shame that I missed out on this show back when it aired, but I'm happy to be able to keep up with it now on DVD.
This set includes all 23 episodes from season two.  There are no extras to speak of, which is the only downside to the set, but any fan of this show will be very pleased.

Interest Range: Vintage TV

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