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The Secret of Nimh Blu-Ray Review

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The Secret of Nimh Blu-Ray Review

Synopsis: Frustrated with the Walt Disney studio's reluctance to produce full-length animated films, Don Bluth and a number of animators left the studio in the early '80s with the intent of creating movies in the style of Disney's classics. The Secret of NIMH is the first film Bluth produced after leaving the studio. Adapted from Robert C. O'Brien's acclaimed children's book Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of N.I.M.H., the film is about a widowed mouse whose home is threatened; also, one of her children is gravely ill. On her way to find help, she discovers NIMH, a secret society of highly-intelligent rats who have escaped from a nearby science lab. The rats help the widow to protect her family and home. Stephen Thomas Erlewine, Rovi

Review:  The Secret of Nimh is a classic 80s animated film, which was adapted from a children's book.  The film was made as a reaction to the lack of features being produced by the Walt Disney Studios.  The film is one of the most substantial and fantastic films of the 1980s.  The film is hitting blu-ray for the first time, so this is a great time to re-live this rare classic and to share it with your own kids.  The transfer into high-definition looks amazing, this one is well worth it.

Interest Range: Vintage Animation, Kids Movies

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