Thursday, April 7, 2011

Ultimate G's: Zac's Flying Dream IMAX 3D Blu-Ray Review

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Ultimate G's: Zac's Flying Dream IMAX 3D Blu-Ray Review

Synopsis: A boy dreams of flying and grows up to make those dreams real. Eleven-year-old Zac (Michael Cera, Juno, Superbad) is constantly inventing flying machines with the help of his friend Laura. As the two grow up they separate, but both become pilots. Sixteen years later, while visiting Laura at her aerial mechanics shop in Arizona, Zac is challenged to an aerobatic duel by a rival. The result is a thrilling flying sequence over the Grand Canyon. Filmed in 3D, ULTIMATE G'S: ZAC’S FLYING MACHINE puts you in the front seat of an Extra 300 aerobatic monoplane. Pilots from the Air Combat Canada airshow team, and the world aerobatic champion, engage in solo flight, dog fights, formation and aerobatic flying.

Review: This film looks great in high-definition and having been filmed in IMAX its really a sight to see, but the 3D really makes this one intense!  The flight scenes are outstanding.  The film shows no ghosting and the planes come right at you during some of the sequences.  The 3D is what saves this movie, as the story is so-so and the pacing is a bit slow, but once those planes take off over the Grand Canyon you'll hold onto the edge of your seat.

Interest Range: Documentary, Airshows


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