Friday, June 17, 2011

Secret Life of the American Teenager Volume Six DVD Review

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Secret Life of the American Teenager Volume Six DVD Review

Synopsis: Unlikely friendships are forged, longtime loyalties are tested and once-solid relationships tremble on shaky ground in the wake of jealousy, competition and raging hormones.  With wedding bells about to chime for Ben and Adrian, Amy tries to pressure Ricky for a similar commitment. Meanwhile, Grace and Grant consider taking their romance to thenext level, and an unexpected event turns lives and loves upside down.  Anything can happen – and does – in this phenomenal, must-own Sixth Volume!

Review: Drama, Drama, Drama!  Thats right, its time for Secret Life again!  What do you say about this show?  It makes the lack of daytime soaps easier to bare.  I don't like to get into the details of the season because A> you should watch it for yourself and B> it makes my head hurt!  Plus, I only have so much time to keep your short attention span here!  It'd take pages to go into the drama!  Needless to say, this show has retained its high quality and its great cast that continues to go above and beyond in the drama dept!  This season is no exception. 

Interest Range: Drama

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