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63 Documents the Government Doesn't Want You to Read Book Review

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63 Documents the Government Doesn't Want You to Read Book Review

About the Book: There’s the Freedom of Information Act, and then there’s Ventura’s way.The official spin on numerous government programs is flat-out bullshit, according to Jesse Ventura. In this incredible collection of actual government documents, Ventura, the ultimate non- partisan truth-seeker, proves it beyond any doubt. He and Dick Russell walk readers through 63 of the most incriminating programs to reveal what really happens behind the closed doors. In addition to providing original government data, Ventura discusses what it really means and how regular Americans can stop criminal behavior at the top levels of government and in the media. Among the cases discussed:

     • The CIA’s top-secret program to control human behavior
     • Operation Northwoods—the military plan to hijack airplanes and blame it on Cuban terrorists
     • The discovery of a secret Afghan archive—information that never left the boardroom
     • Potentially deadly healthcare cover-ups, including a dengue fever outbreak
     • What the Department of Defense knows about our food supply—but is keeping mum

Although these documents are now in the public domain, the powers that be would just as soon they stay under wraps. Ventura’s research and commentary sheds new light on what they’re not telling you—and why it matters.

Our Take: Jesse Ventura is an interesting character.  He began as a wrestler, under the name of Jesse "The Body" Ventura and eventually graduated into becoming the governor of Minnesota and is now a conspiracy theory enthusiast with his own TV show.  I enjoy listening to the Gov. on Howard Stern and I heard him discussing this book awhile back, so I thought we'd check it out.  Its full of documents that expose what our government has been up to.  Why hasn't anyone else pointed these out yet? one really reads or cares anymore.  There is a lot brought to light, mostly highly disturbing, but not terribly shocking.  Its a fantastic read and extremely illuminating.  Definately worth checking-out.

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