Friday, July 15, 2011

Brother's Justice Blu-Ray + DVD Combo Review

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Brother's Justice Blu-Ray + DVD Combo Review

Synopsis: Parenthood star Dax Shepard makes his feature directorial debut with this mockumentary-style showbiz satire that finds the sitcom player abandoning his comedy career to become a committed martial artist. Together with his producer Nate Tuck and their friend Tom Arnold, Dax begins drafting a screenplay for an ambitious, large scale action epic. Trouble is, none of the big studios will go near the project, and Dax's martial arts skills are mediocre at best. Now the harder that Dax fights to get a green light on his dream production, the faster his career skids into a tailspin. Featuring special appearances by Bradley Cooper, Jon Favreau, Aston Kutcher, and David Koechner.

Review: Brother's Justice is a comedy film starring little known actor Dax Shepard.  The film lampoons Hollywood and the martial arts film industry alike in this fairly funny film.  The movie hits on a lot of already visited cliches in lampoon film, but the whit and dedication to the comedy that Shepard has and the variance of the martial arts film genre is enough to make this one a good laugh.

Interest Range: Comedy

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