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Das Boot (Two-Disc Collector's Set) Blu-ray Review

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Das Boot (Two-Disc Collector's Set) Blu-ray Review

Synopsis: At the height of WWII, a young submarine crew heads out to sea on a top-secret mission that all but ensures most will never make it home alive. Ordered to patrol the Atlantic and destroy an allied armada bringing supplies to Britain, these raw recruits must band together, bracing themselves against a depth-charge assault from an unseen enemy.  Oscar ® - nominated director Wolfgang Petersen’s epic adventure deftly explores tension as pressure builds to an explosive climax, packing a visceral punch few movies can match.

Review: Das Boot is a definitive work in the World War II genre.  The show was originally presented back in the 1980s as a six-part television special, but has now been edited together to create a 282 minute-long film.  The show basically takes the viewer on a German sub during WWII and gives you a feel for the daily life.  This new directors cut has a nice, slow pace that really lets you feel the environment.  This one is in german language, so be ready to read subtitles.  This one is a must-have.

The special features on this blu-ray include: Commentary with Director Wolfgang Peterson, Wolfgang Petersen - Back To The Boat, Maria's Take, The Perfect Boat-The Director's Cut, Rooms Overview, Entry Conning Tower, Torpedo Room and Crew's Quarters, Captain's & Officers' Rooms, The Control Room, Petty Officers' Room & Galley, Diesel & Electric Motor Rooms, Behind The Scenes (1981) and The Battle of The Atlantic (1983).

Interest Range: Vintage TV


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