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Epitafios: Season Two DVD Review

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Epitafios: Season Two DVD Review

Synopsis: In Epitafios, Renzo Marquez (Julio Chavez) and Marina Segal (Cecilia Roth) join forces again to solve yet another logic-defying homicide case.  With the help of XL (Alejandro Awada), a psychiatric patient suffering from low brain activity, they manage to anticipate a serial killer’s next move.  This time, the murderer is a tormented man who views killing as an art form and, as such, thinks each homicide deserves to be immortalized in a series of photographs.  Homicide detectives embark on a race against time to catch him, even as Renzo and Marina are burdened by the ghosts of their own pasts. A sadistic crime drama from the detectives’ point of view.

Review: Epitafios is a complex show.  It was featured on HBO Latin.  This Argentinian show has now released it's season two to DVD and we had to check it out.  I had the privilege of watching season one and I'm always for great crime drama.  We're talking political intrigue, serial murder and flat-out brutality.  Season two didn't disappoint.  It was full of great character development and intense drama.  We highly recommend.

Epitafios: Season Two features 13 one-hour episodes presented in Spanish with English subtitles. Total runtime is approximately 720 minutes. The four disc set will be available for $19.98 SRP.

Interest Range: HBO Latin America

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