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Honeymoon in Vegas Blu-Ray Review

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Honeymoon in Vegas Blu-Ray Review

Synopsis: James Caan (The Godfather), Nicolas Cage (Face/Off) and Sarah Jessica Parker ("Sex inthe City") are three sides of a deliriously funny triangle in this "refreshing blast of comic lunacy" (WCBS-TV) that gambles with an offbeat premise and hits the jackpot with big laughs! Jack Singer (Cage) is terrified of commitment but even more terrified of losing his beautiful schoolteacher fiance Betsy (Parker). So as an act of faith, he takes the plunge and agrees to tie the knot in a quickie Vegas ceremony. But when he makes a bad $60,000 bet with mobster Tommy Korman (Caan), the marriage "knot"and all of Jack's dreamsstarts unraveling fast. The only way that Korman willforgive the debt, he says, is if Jack will loan him Betsy for the rest of the weekend! It's yet another sucker bet for Jack thoughbecause Korman plans to win Betsy away for good! Presented for the first time in 1080p hi-definition on Blu-ray!

Review: Honeymoon in Vegas is a film from a very different era.  It was the mid-90s and Sarah Jessica Parker didn't look like a walking skeleton.  Nicholas Cage wasn't bankrupt and James Caan...well, he was still old, but he had his hair dyed, at least.   This bizarre love triangle results in a ton of crazy situations and makes for a fun film.  The blu-ray is out now for the first time and its a great watch.  The blu-ray looks great...a few of the nighttime scenes have some issues with the black, but the colors really pop and there is little grain.

Interest Range: Comedy

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