Friday, July 15, 2011

Southland: The Complete Second Season DVD Review

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Southland: The Complete Second Season DVD Review

Synopsis: A raw and authentic look into the Los Angeles crime scene; Season Two of SOUTHLAND goes even further inside the lives of cops; criminals; victims and their families. Hardened LAPD veteran John Cooper is partnered with rookie officer Ben Sherman - an on-the-job training that only reinforces the reality that being out on the field is nothing like his preparation at the Academy. Detective Lydia Adams must balance her hardened professional life with a more nurturing one at home. Detective "Sal" Salinger oversees the activities of fellow gang detectives; Nate Moretta and Sammy Bryant. While Chickie Brown works to become the first female member of SWAT. Together; they try to maintain order on the streets of Los Angeles - and within themselves. At the dramatic conclusion of season one; Lydia's partner is shot. As he struggles to survive; Lydia must reluctantly find a new partner. And new challenges; personal and professional; await the law-men and law-women of SOUTHLAND in Season Two.

Review: Season Two of Southland is even grittier and even more hardcore than the first!  This uncensored DVD is not available in-stores.  Its only available as a manufacture on demand online.  The second season brings more drama and more difficulties for the spotlighted officers and shows a few even falling apart completely.  This is a fantastic show that really hits hard.  Its far better than the network cop dramas.  We highly recommend it.

Interest Range: Drama

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