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Born to Ride DVD Review

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Born to Ride DVD Review

Synopsis: Mike decides to hit the road on his refurbished classic motorcycle along with best buddy Alex, but their trek takes a surprising turn when they become involved in a plan involving political blackmail, corruption and dirty money. Stars Casper Van Dien, Patrick Muldoon, William Forsythe

Two roughneck bikers stumble into evidence of a major political blackmailing, and race to outrun the killers who seek to suppress it at any cost. Mike (Casper Van Dien) and Alex (Patrick Muldoon) are two pals who measure their freedom by the mile. They're on their way to Sturgis when they acquire a videotape that exposes a major political conspiracy. Now, in order to survive long enough to expose the treacherous con game, these two bikers must ride like their lives depend on it, and never hesitate to take a clear shot. William Forsythe and Theresa Russell co-star in this blacktop thrill ride from director James Fargo (THE ENFORCER, EVERY WHICH WAY BUT LOOSE).

Review: This one is interesting, because at first glance it looks like a tough b-movie biker flick that is a knock off of 'Sons of Anarchy'.  Thats not what Born to Ride is, at all!   Born to Ride is actually a failed pilot for a proposed television series.  Thats really what makes this DVD release cool, the chance to see what could have been.  For any TV fanatic, this one is a gem!  The show would've obviously been campy and really over the top, but this is a great behind the scenes look at TV history and what coulda been.

Interest Range: Tv Shows, Drama

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