Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Conan The Adventurer: Season One DVD Review

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Conan The Adventurer: Season One DVD Review

Synopsis: Produced by Sunbow, the 1980s animation giant behind Hasbro’s Transformers and G.I. JOE: A Real American Hero, Conan The Adventurer focuses on the titular hero and his frends Jezmine, Snagg, Needle, Greywolf and Zula and their quest to rescue Conan’s family from an evil spell cast by the Serpent Man wizard Wrath-Amon. Armed with a powerful sword forged from Star Metal and faith in his god Crom, Conan will not stop until his family is safe and the evil wizard is reimprisoned in the mystical Abyss.

Review: Conan the Adventurer is a fantastic 1990s cartoon that is highly underrated.  Shout! Factory is doing is a great service by bringing it back.  In fact, it was obscure in my area, I never saw it growing up, but I'm happy to now!  What a treat!  The series went for a total of 65 episodes,  this set represents the first 13.  This one was produced by the legendary Sunbow animation studio, the same one that gave us Jem and GI Joe!  This show is a TON of fun and a great look back.  A must for any Conan or animation fan.

Interest Range: Animation

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