Friday, August 12, 2011

Learning Letters With Elmo DVD Review

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Learning Letters With Elmo DVD Review

Synopsis: Elmo just loves letters! In fact, he loves the letter "J" so much he decides to change his name. Meet "Jelmo"! Not only does his name start with "J", but any activity he does has to start with "J" too! Will everyone's favorite little red monster remain "Jelmo" forever? But don't worry - Elmo's love of letters doesn't stop at "J"! He absolutely adores "The 'A' Team" with Ryan Reynolds and his imagination is ignited in "Fetch the Letter 'I'". Animation, songs, and fun film segments reinforce each letter, making learning letters with Elmo as easy as ABC

Review: We love Sesame Street here at the Legion.  This great new DVD features fantastic Elmo tales featuring learning with the alphabet.  Its informative, silly and fun.  Our 2 and 7 year olds both greatly enjoyed watching it together.  Heck, I even enjoyed it, lol.  Elmo and Seasame Street are always a win.

Interest Range: Sesame Street, Kids Programming

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