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Marvel Knights: Iron Man & Spider Woman Blu-Ray Review

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Marvel Knights: Iron Man & Spider Woman Blu-Ray Review

Synopsis: A Double Feature Of Comics Like You’ve Never Experienced Them Before!

Iron Man: Extremis

Boasting a fresh take on the Iron Man origin, highly acclaimed writing by master storyteller Warren Ellis and the magnificent artistry of Adi Granov, Iron Man: Extremis comes to life with the unique 2D and 3D animation experience in brilliant high definition by Marvel Knights, the next step in comic evolution!

Spider-Woman: Agent Of S.W.O.R.D.

The acclaimed, intensely written and beautifully illustrated seven-issue miniseries by Eisner Award-winners Brian Michael Bendis and Alex Maleev finally comes to life in this stunning HD Marvel Knights presentation not to be missed!

Review: This release is the first time we get the Marvel Knights motion comic series from Shout! Factory on blu-ray!  I really dig that they released it as a 2-film set.  Spider-Woman is based on the seven-part mini-series by Brian Michael Bendis, a comic book legend.  The motion comics are a ton of fun.  You may need to get used to the format at first, but you get the original artwork from the comic book series, which is a great treat.  We highly recommend this release.  Its a fantastic Marvel tale.  The other story, Iron Man: Extremis, mixes 3D and 2D animation.  Its a great and a great story.  I found it very entertaining after I adapted to the motion comic style of animation.  Hopefully Marvel will go towards straight animation soon!  These both look great in high-def!

Special features on Spider-Woman include: Visual history of Spider-Woman, Exclusive music video and Trailers.  The Special features on Iron Man include:A conversation with Adi Granov, Behind-the-scenes look at Marvel Knights Animation, Marvel Super Heroes™: What The —?, Exclusive music video, Trailers…and more!

Interest Range: Shout! Factory, Marvel Comics

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