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M.A.S.K.: The Complete Series DVD Review

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M.A.S.K.: The Complete Series DVD Review

Synopsis: Led by multimillionaire Matt Trakker, the Mobile Armored Strike Kommand, better known simply as M.A.S.K., defends the world against Miles Mayhem and his nefarious international criminal organization V.E.N.O.M., the very same group responsible for the death of Trakker’s teenage brother. With his own son, Scott, and a secret strike force including his friends (engineer Bruce Sato, courageous historian Hondo MacLean, mechanic Buddy Hawks, rocker Brad Turner, computer expert Alex Sector, stunt driver Dusty Hayes and beautiful martial artist Gloria Baker) it’s up to Trakker, equipped with special power-granting masks and a garage of custom militarized vehicles, to keep the world safe from Mayhem and the villainy of V.E.N.O.M. Includes all 65 original series episodes on 12 action-packed discs!

Review: In the past few years the trend of re-releasing vintage animation has skyrocketed.  Everything from Ninja Turtles to He-Man to the Real Ghostbusters and Transformers.  Now, Shout! Factory has released the classic series M.A.S.K. in a complete collection DVD set!  M.A.S.K. was one of the coolest toylines ever produced.  Kenner put out dozens of masked men with vehicles that could transform into portable battle machines.  The series has been apparently remastered, because the picture looks fantastic.  This includes 65 episodes of the original series and is a must for any child of the 1980s!

The special features include: Unmasking M.A.S.K.: Retrospective interview with show writers on this hit animated series, Saturday Morning Krusaders: Entertaining look back with loyal fans.

Interest Range: Vintage Animation

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