Sunday, August 14, 2011

Minnesota Twins: 20th Anniversary Special DVD Review

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Minnesota Twins: 20th Anniversary Special DVD Review

Synopsis: In more than 100 years of World Series play there have been many that could be considered memorable and a handful that might be classified as unforgettable. But only one can be called the best ever รข€“ and for many the 1991 World Series between the Atlanta Braves and Minnesota Twins was just that. MAGIC IN MINNESOTA revels in the mesmerizing masterpiece of Jack Morris' 1-0, 10-inning Game 7 and Kirby Puckett's unbelievable heroics in Game 6. This celebration salutes the contributions of superstars, support players, and the deafening, intimidating Minnesota Twins fans who electrified the Metrodome like never before. MAGIC IN MINNESOTA is more than just another film about just another championship team. It's about the Twins, your Twins, and perhaps the greatest World Series of all time.

Review: Its well known amongst baseball fans that the '91 World Series was legendary.  I remember watching it back in the day and you knew you were witnessing magic.  This DVD is a great overview of the experience.  There is also a huge collector's edition out that we will be posting a review of today, as well, but this one is a great overview for the money.  Hardcore for the collector's edition review..

Interest Range: Sports, Baseball

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