Monday, August 15, 2011

RMS Titanic Manual: 1909-1912 Olympic Class Book Review

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RMS Titanic Manual: 1909-1912 Olympic Class (Haynes Owners Workshop Manuals

About the Book: The world famous ocean liner Titanic, which sank on her maiden voyage in 1912, is the latest subject to receive the Haynes Manual treatment. With an authoritative text and hundreds of illustrations, see how this leviathan was built, launched, and fitted out. Read about her lavish passenger accommodation. Learn about the captain’s responsibilities, including the operation of a transatlantic liner. Consider the chief engineer’s view—how did he manage the huge engines and other onboard systems? What was it like to operate the luxury ocean liner from the perspective of Titanic’s owner, the White Star line?

Our Take: The Titanic became a source of obsession after the infamous 1997 James Cameron motion picture.  My wife and I were obsessed with it long before fact since we were kids growing up in the 1980s.  This new hardcover book really plays into our obsession.  It begins with some great history and fantastic photographs of the ship and voyage and continues on to delve into the construction and insides of the ship in some depth.  This book is a fantastic and unique look at the most infamous ship of all-time and is a fantastic addition to any Titanic enthusiast's collection.

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