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Survive the Bomb: The Radioactive Citizen's Guide to Nuclear Survival Book Review

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Survive the Bomb: The Radioactive Citizen's Guide to Nuclear Survival Book Review

About the Book: Attention, citizens and fellow travelers of the Cold War: Survive the Bomb is your family’s ultimate fallout shelter companion. Keep this book at the ready next to the emergency drinking water and vacuum-packed canned meats and vegetables for that moment when the saber-rattling between the world’s superpowers turns Atomic.

Be alert and be prepared. Don’t let a little thing like an atomic particle spoil your day

Our Take: This is one of the coolest books we've come across for some time!  Its a nice little hardcover book full of information and re-prints from the cold war era.  This one re-prints a lot of vintage documents and pamphlets about a possible nuclear fallout.  The book was put together by a cold war historian and it serves as a fantastic reminder of our nation's, its just so much fun to read!  Anyone interested in history and culture needs this book.

Here are all the tips and information you’ll need to keep your family safe and secure:

·A convenient set of Civil Defense carrying cards for your wallet or purse

·Steps for the home handyman toward building a well-furnished fallout shelter

·How to convert your home’s snack bar into a cozy secondary shelter

·A checklist of items you’ll need close at hand while awaiting the “all-clear” message from local  authorities

·An Operation Survival! comic, including a crossword puzzle and quiz for the kids

·Revealing studies, reports, and recommendations to the United States Congress and President

·Wargame scenarios, aftermath descriptions, and casualty estimates at various distances from a nuclear blast

·An introduction and commentaries by Cold War historian Eric G. Swedin

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