Wednesday, August 3, 2011

VIZ Manga Digital Debuts for the First Half of August!

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VIZ Manga fills all your summertime digital manga reading needs, with access to your manga library from the VIZ Manga App for iOS devices, or on any internet enabled device at! With frequent additions, you're always sure to have fun reading at hand, and the first half of August sees the debut of:

OISHINBO Vol. 1 - now available! The tasty series about Japanese gourmet cooking & cuisine features the adventures of journalist Shiro Yamaoka, trying to find build the "Ultimate Menu" embodying the pinnacle of Japanese cuisine for his newspaper! The first volume includes adventures in making the best dashi, appreciation of the tea ceremony, sashimi technique and more!

WHAT A WONDERFUL WORLD! Vol. 1 - available August 8th! Critically acclaimed Inio Asano's collection of vignettes depicting twenty-something angst, exploring the various ways modern life can be at once ridiculous and sublime, terrible and precious, wasted and celebrated!

Also available - new additions to 22 series, including AI ORE! Vol. 2 and THE STORY OF SAIUNKOKU Vol. 4, launching digitally with their print counterparts' national release! 

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