Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Leading Ladies DVD Review

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Leading Ladies DVD Review

Synopsis: An infectious comedy about two sisters (newcomers Shannon Lea Smith and Laurel Vail), their gay best friend (So You Think You Can Dance Season 2 winner Benji Schwimmer), and their overzealous stage mom (Melanie LaPatin, Choreographer, So You Think You Can Dance, The Thomas Crown Affair, The Last Days of Disco)! The Campari family s life revolves entirely around ballroom dancing, so when one sister gets pregnant and the other plans to waltz out of the closet, their mom s (vicarious) pursuit of the Midwest Regional Ballroom Competition is in severe jeopardy. Find out what happens, however, as they learn to Let Love Lead.

Review:To start off you need to love dancing to be into this film.  If you love dancing..I mean LOVE dancing, then you're going to love Leading Ladies!  The film has a great soundtrack and some amazing choreography.  This film has a backround of family drama and there is plenty of that, but this one is really a great and active dance feature.

Interest Range: Comedy

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