Sunday, November 6, 2011

2 New Dc Super-Pets Books from Capstone Kids!

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2 New Dc Super-Pets Books from Capstone Kids!

About the Superpowered Pony Book: MECHANIKAT and DOGWOOD team up to rain four-legged fury upon Earth. Only one foal can foil their evil plans . . . COMET the Super-Horse! This Stallion of Steel wont stop until hes corralled the crazy critters and protected the planet.

About the Salamander Smackdown Book: When two naughty newts escape from a pet store, nothing can stop their amphibian antics . . . except the TERRIFIC WHATZIT! This super-speedy turtle must stop the slimy salamanders before they cast another tale of terror on CENTRAL CITY.

Our Take: Thats right, more new Dc Super-Pets books from Captone Kids!  These fantastic little books are illustrated by the great Art Baltazar, who has made quite a name for himself in the Dc Universe by illustrating the Tiny Titans comics and various other projects.   These books are full of fun illustrations and dynamic layouts that are fun for any kid.  These ones also appeal to collectors and include appearances from Krypto cartoon villain Mechanikat in the Superpowered Pony book!  These are an absolute must have for any fan of Dc Comics and their little ones!

How to Buy: SuperPowered Pony - Salamander Smackdown

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