Monday, November 7, 2011

An Invisible Sign Blu-Ray Review

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An Invisible Sign Blu-Ray Review

Synopsis: Jessica Alba delivers a most unexpected performance as Mona Gray, a quirky young woman who hides in a private world of numbers when her beloved mathematician father falls ill. But when Mona is offered a job as an elementary school math teacher, she ll introduce the students to her own eccentric gift for numerical obsession. Can the joys of arithmetic multiplied by a shy romance with the school science teacher (Chris Messina of Julie & Julia) help Mona discover a new life she can count on?  J.K. Simmons (Juno), Sonia Braga (Sex and the City), Bailee Madison (Wizards of Waverly Place) and John Shea (Gossip Girl) co-star in this offbeat and heartwarming comedy/drama about second chances, emotional equations and calculating the power of love.

Review: Jessica Alba isn't known for having a whole lot of range as an actor.  She is typically a snotty frat girl and to be honest thats what she seems to project in real life too.   An Invisible Sign makes the attempt to reinvent her and pull her out of the type cast by making her play the exact opposite of herself..someone thoughtful, intelligent and charming.   Can you tell we're not crazy about her? lol.   The movie is quirky and off beat and it does a pretty good job of creating a world for Alba's character.  Basically, this character is obsessive and immature and is forced to find herself and expand to become a role model for her class.  This is worth watching and its fun to watch Alba struggle with trying something new!

Interest Range: Romantic Comedy

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