Monday, November 7, 2011

Green Lantern: Web of Doom Book Review

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Green Lantern: Web of Doom Book Review

About the Book: HAL JORDAN cant get a break! He tries to free a fleet of intergalactic battle cruisers from the energy webs of the ruthless KIRIAZIS. But the crusiers dont want his help. The war-like race wants to fight their own battles. Then, as KIRIAZIS spins her evil plans, another villain arrives and causes problems for everyone. The only way out of this sticky situation is for GREEN LANTERN to team up with his former foe. Can the two warriors work together or will this epic battle become an epic fail?

Our Take: Green Lantern fans unite!  This new kids book is absolutely dynamic!  Its simple text interjected with fun word effects and animated-style pictures.   This book, the Web of Doom, was written by Michael Steele, who has a proud history in writing children's books, and illustrated by Dan Schoening.  The book is done in the more traditional Dc animated style and definately appealed to me right away.  The kids loved the story, especially since we just watched the live action and Dc Universe animated Green Lantern movies.  These Hal Jordan Lantern tales are sure to please any fan and their kids!  The book comes with a handy glossary in the back that will help you go over some of the more difficult words with your kids and even a bio for one of the lesser-known characters in the story!   This one is absolutely fantastic.

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