Friday, November 4, 2011

How The States Got Their Shapes DVD

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How The States Got Their Shapes DVD

Synopsis: When the founding fathers drew the first map of America, they confronted many of the same challenges that unite and divide us today. HOW THE STATES GOT THEIR SHAPES explores how our borders evolved--and continue to change--in response to religion, transportation, communication, politics, culture clashes and even Mother Nature. This is no textbook-style documentary series. Local experts and everyday folks lead host Brian Unger, a journalist and former Daily Show correspondent, to insights about some of America s most baffling questions. How are flying fish threatening to re-draw the shape of Illinois? What does the use of cell phones by Pennsylvania s Amish have to do with the shape of their state? How is the phrase sold down the river linked to the shape of what might be our 51st state? Why did the invention of air conditioning change how America picks its Presidents? Unger uncovers the answers, hidden in our map.

Review: The History Channel does it again!  We didn't see this series when it aired, but boy were we pleased to find it on DVD!  This show is a great way to follow-up the America: The Story of Us series with some fantastic information on how the states were formed and the intricate dealings that went into it!  The show even touches on modern day effects of the borders and takes a look at the possible future.  This is a fantastic and informative show that is a must for anyone interested in American history!  This would be perfect for homeschoolers!

Feature-length HISTORY Special How The States Got Their Shapes

DISC 1: A River Runs Through It / The Great Plains, Trains, & Automobiles / Force of Nature / State of Rebellion

DISC 2: Living on the Edge / Use it Or Lose It / Church and States / A Boom With A View

DISC 3: Culture Clash / Mouthing Off

DISC 4: Bonus Special: How the States Got Their Shapes 
Interest Range: Documentary

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