Monday, November 7, 2011

The Flash: Master Of Mirrors! Book Review

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The Flash: Master Of Mirrors! Book Review

About the Book: The FLASH is seeing double . . . or triple! Three crooks, mirror images of one another, are robbing CENTRAL CITY. And when the SCARLET SPEEDSTER chases them, they disappear into a shiny storefront window without crashing. Theres only one thing left to do: FLASH has to zoom through the looking glass himself. On the other side, he doesnt believe his eyes. He finds a dazzling kingdom ruled by the mesmerizing menace of the MIRROR MASTER ! If the super hero cant fight off his foes hypnotic tricks, it will be lights out for the FASTEST MAN ALIVE!

Our Take: This new book from Stone Arch books is based on the Timm-verse version of the Flash character.  We see the speedster face one of his most prolific villains, Mirror Master!  This book is fun for kids, because it has a lot of text, but its all interject by great animation style pictures and fun effects.  The end of the book features some talking and writing points, which makes this a great book for parents to help their kids learn or for educators to use in the classroom.  This one is a definiate win!

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