Thursday, December 1, 2011

Green Lantern: Savage Sands Book Review

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Green Lantern: Savage Sands Book Review

About the Book: The immortal super-villain VANDAL SAVAGE is loose! He has escaped prison and fled to the timeless tombs of Egypt, where he raises an army of living mummies. HAL JORDAN, as GREEN LANTERN, soars into the shifting sands to defeat the zombie-like rampage, but VANDAL SAVAGE has another weapon. He animates the sleeping Sphinx itself! HAL must solve the ancient riddle of the stone-cold creature, or hell never leave Egypt alive.

Our Take: This Stone Arch Kids book focuses on Hal Jordan, the most popular Green Lantern, as he faces Vandal Savage, one of the top villians of the Dc Universe!  Adult fans love these fun books because of the retro-style Timmverse art style and kids love the fun stories and great illustrations.  This book is great for any Green Lantern fan or any adult looking to get their kids into Dc Comics characters!

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