Thursday, December 1, 2011

Prep and Landing DVD Review

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Prep and Landing DVD Review

Synopsis: Disney presents Prep and Landing, a spirited comic adventure bound to become a holiday tradition at your home for years to come - complete with two bonus stocking stuffer shorts.

Review: We didn't see Prep and Landing when it aired on television for the first time, but boy are we glad that its on home video now!   Disney has done it again, this time they're giving us original holiday specials!  I haven't seen a good original holiday special since the 1980s Garfield Xmas special!   Our kids absolutely LOVED it, in fact my two year old now goes to sleep watching it EVERY night.   We highly recommend this one..its funny, modern and fun.  There is a new chapter coming out this year, it will air on ABC on Monday, December 5, so check that out too!  The special features include: Prep and Landing: Operation Secret Santa Short, Prep and Landing: Tiny's Big Adventure Short and Kringle Academy training videos (4).



Interest Range: Disney, Xmas

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