Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Flash: Trickster's Bubble Trouble Book Review

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The Flash: Trickster's Bubble Trouble Book Review

About the Book: AXEL WALKER, the crazy TRICKSTER, likes toys and gimmicks. And this time hes making mischief using things no one can see. Whether its oxygen, air pressure, or invisible gas, the TRICKSTER is bubbling over with evil schemes. Only the FLASH can outwit the nefarious knave. But soon, WALKER traps FLASH within a special bubble, a gigantic glass sphere free of friction. Without friction enabling him to move, the FLASHs super-speed doesnt get him anywhere. And the oxygen inside the bubble is quickly running out!

Our Take: I love the Stone Arch books Dc Super Heroes series!  This series of books features Timmverse style Dc character art mixed with great stories.  This Flash book features his legendary villain, The Trickster.  The books are a nice mix of comic book style art and fun text that is sure to interest kids of all ages.  This one is illustrated by animation legend Eric Doescher, who has worked on previous Bruce Timm Batman shows.  This one comes highly recommended to Flash fans and to parents looking to get their kids into Dc Comics!

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