Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Pilot & Huxley #2: The Next Adventure Book Review

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The Pilot & Huxley #2: The Next Adventure Book Review

About the Book: Pilot & Huxley are back in another zany adventure!

Pilot and Huxley just want to get home, but an unexpected glitch hurtles them into the holiday lands instead. Now they're stuck in a bizarre world where ghouls and zombies in Halloween Land are friendly, and Santa and his elves in Christmas Land are evil. Will the boys make it out alive? Can they find a way back to Earth? Is a bowl of noodles a deadly weapon? Find out inside!

Our Take: This latest book in the Pilot and Huxley series throws the guys into a bizzaro world of holiday characters and the reader gets to follow along as they battle their way back home!  My son LOVES these books and this latest one he said was not only funny, but a great read.  We highly recommend.

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