Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Spider-Man Vault Book Review

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The Spider-Man Vault Book Review

About the Book: Rebooted into a fresh new film franchise (2012) directed by Marc Webb and starring up-and-comers Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone, and having debuted in its first ever Broadway appearance in March 2011, Spider-Man is back in the spotlight. Reaching out to millions of devoted fans, The Spider-Man Vault will afford readers a whole new look at the beloved "web-slinger". 

This vivid collection of images and ephemera focuses on a dynamic exploration of Spider-Man's character, providing a complete biography through his development in comics, media, and culture. Further drawing readers into Spidey's world will be approximately 20 removable features, housed in the sophisticated plastic pages specific to the "vault" format, and printed on special papers to heighten the noteworthiness of each carefully selected piece.

From the classic comics to the big screen, The Spider-Man Vault is a comprehensive collection of art and ephemera that brings Spidey's back story out of the archive and into the arms of fans worldwide.

Our Take: The Spider-Man Vault is a comic book fan's wet dream.  It may be crass, but its true!  This great book follows in the long line of other successful VAULT style books.  We reviewed the Batman Vault and the Dc Comics Vault last year.  This one is all about everyone's friendly neighborhood webslinger.  It begins in the 1960s and authors Peter A. David and the legendary Robert Greenberger give us a highly detailed account of his beginnings and all the turns that took Spiderman on the path he has been on, all the way up to the newest movie, coming out in 2012.   This coffetable style book is full of full-color comic book art and fun reproduction affirmia that is sure to make any fan squeel!  This would make an amazing Xmas gift.  A bit of what is included as inserts is shown below.  Buy this nerds!   Do it now!

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