Thursday, March 22, 2012

@Suicideroom DVD Review

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@Suicideroom DVD Review

Synopsis: A series of humiliating events 100 days before his graduation pushes privileged Dominik into the virtual world for comfort. He begins spending all his time as an avatar in the Suicide Room, but soon his online adventures begin to dangerously bleed into his real life. Breathtaking animated sequences draw the viewer into the virtual world portrayed in this psychological drama of a teenager trying to escape the torment of bullying.

Review: This is certainly a sign of the times.  Not only does it play on the overuse of the net, but also the idea that the picked on kid is more dangerous than the bully.  Instead of going on a shooting rampage, this kid retreats to a virtual world, but things get crazy from there.  This one is a good watch and a lot of fun.

Interest Range: Drama

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