Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Sitter Blu-Ray/DVD Review

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The Sitter Blu-Ray/DVD Review

Synopsis: Adventures in Babysitting meets "Superbad" in this raunchy comedy starring Jonah Hill as Noah, a suspended college student who becomes the unlikely--and unqualified--sitter to his neighbor's children (Max Records, Landry Bender, Kevin Hernandez). But his girlfriend's (Ari Gaynor) promise of sex in exchange for cocaine forces Noah to bring the kids along on a wild trek across the city, pursued by a psychotic drug dealer (Sam Rockwell).

Review: We like Jonah Hill here at the Legion.  Or rather...we liked him.  I'm not saying the guy shouldn't be healthy, but he truly isn't funny as a skinny actor.  This is the last and sacred chubby Jonah film..and we love it..we love it something fierce. This film is basically a raunchy remake of Adventures In Babysitting and it pays comedic dividends in spades.  Its inappropriate for little ones, but is sure to amuse any adult.  Good times and a must-own!

Interest Range: Comedy

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