Friday, May 25, 2012

Perfect Sense Blu-Ray Review

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Perfect Sense Blu-Ray Review

Synopsis: Susan (Eva Green, Cracks, Casino Royale) is a scientist whose research has caused her to neglect virtually everything else in her life, including love. That is until she meets Michael (Ewan McGregor, The Ghost Writer, Angels & Demons), a talented chef, and suddenly everything starts to change not just in Susan s life, but in the entire world. While Susan and Michael are experiencing new and unforeseen depths of feeling, all around the globe a new epidemic is causing people to lose their sensory perceptions. Are Susan and Michael s increasingly intense feelings for each other in spite of the epidemic, or because of it? A life-affirming look at what it means to love and be loved in turbulent times, director David Mackenzie s PERFECT SENSE is equal parts touching romance and chilling thriller.

Review: The Perfect Sense is a wonderful new art film starring one of the best actors of our time, Ewan McGregor.  The film is basically a huge metaphor for the compatability and the love of Susan and Michael, with a backdrop of a world pandemic that effects the senses, eventually turning people into a form of zombie!  This one is absolutely unique and glorious in its storytelling capacity and is one that everyone can enjoy.  This film will leave you with a sense of joy to be alive and a great perspective on love.  We highly recommend.

Interest Range: Drama

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