Sunday, June 17, 2012

Meatballs Blu-Ray Review

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Meatballs Blu-Ray Review

Synopsis: Bill Murray is at his hilarious best in this classic comedy that's 'Animal House goes to summer camp' - (Newsweek). Murray plays Tripper, the wisecracking, rule-bending head counselor at Camp North Star. Whether playing pranks on Camp North Star's clueless director, wooing a female counselor, or scheming against the rich brats of a rival camp, Tripper delivers fun and mayhem in a laugh-filled summer his campers will remember forever!

Review: Meatballs is a Bill Murray classic!  This 1980s screwball summer camp comedy was a great excuse for unnecessary nudity and hijinks.  Everything that made teen-viewed 80s cinema classic!  This is the first time you can get it on blu-ray and this is a great way to update a classic in your collection.  It looks great in high-def and we can finally throw out our worn VHS copy!  Win!

Interest Range: Comedy

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