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Pawn Stars: Volume 4 DVD Review

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Pawn Stars: Volume 4 DVD Review

Synopsis: The top rated series from HISTORY returns to DVD!  There is no better example of today's pawnbrokers than the Harrison family's Gold and Silver Pawn shop on the outskirts of Las Vegas - the modern day Mecca for people in need of quick cash. Three generations of Harrison men clash with friendly camaraderie over items from classic cars to samurai swords. Here, everything has a history, and everything has a price. And you never know what's going to walk through the door. PAWN STARS: VOLUME 4 features 16 episodes never-before released on DVD including a wide variety of eclectic items for the Harrisons to haggle over like Colonel Sanders' suit, a competition dragster racecar and an Abraham Lincoln campaign ribbon.

Review:  We love Pawn Stars here at the Legion!  We can't wait for new episodes of Rick, the Old Man and Chum wheeling and dealing over antiques and collectibles.  We always learn something and the show is a blast!  This new DVD set collects the final ten episodes from season three and the first six of season four.  We do wish that History would've kept releasing full season sets to avoid confusion, but as long as we get all of the episodes somehow, we're happy.  Its not as though this is the kind of show you need to view by season to "get". 

PAWN STARS: VOLUME 4 includes 16 fan-favorite episodes on two discs:

DISC 1: Cornering the Colonel / Ready, Set, Pawn / The Eagle Has Landed / Like a Rolling Chum / Hello Nurse / Chumdog Millionaire / Gone With The Schwinn / Bare Bones

DISC 2: Never Surrender / Honest Abe / Monkey Business / Packing Heat / Luck of the Draw / Houdini's Handcuffs / Pedal to the Metal / Case Closed

Interest Range: Antiques, Collectibles

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