Sunday, June 17, 2012

The Yankles Blu-Ray Review

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The Yankles Blu-Ray Review

Synopsis: A down-and-out ex-baseball player, Charlie Jones, needs to meet his community service hours as a coach. The problem is no team wants him. It takes the Yankles, an obscure orthodox yeshiva baseball team desperate for a coach, to give Charlie his second chance. A humorous match made in heaven, both Charlie and the team rise to unexpected triumphs resulting in entrance to the college world series. With the championship in reach, it seems the Yankles just might need a miracle for that ultimate grand slam victory.

Review: This feel-good underdog sports film is a great watch.  You've seen films like this before, but they never get old.  This one has a particular focus on Jewish culture, but much like films like The Zohan, you don't need to be Jewish to understand and enjoy it.

Interest Range: Drama, Sports

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