Saturday, July 28, 2012

Bill Bellamy - Crazy Sexy Dirty DVD Review

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Bill Bellamy - Crazy Sexy Dirty DVD Review

Synopsis: Filmed live in Los Angeles, Bellamy gives a terrific performance, engaging the audience on such topics as sex chat rooms, killer whales and their trainers, Jay-Z and Beyonce, making it rain in strip clubs and more.

Review: Bill Bellamy has put in his time as a stand-up comedian.  He was, in fact, the very first comedian to kick off the Def Comedy Jam back in the day.  In his latest one hour special, Crazy-Sexy-Dirty, he goes off on various celebs like Lil' Wayne, Internet Sex Chat rooms, airport security and more.  Bellamy has a wide appeal and a fantastic flow.  He doesn't miss a beat and though he targets some of his comedy, I found it all to have a universal appeal and it was absolutely hilarious.  He's a well-polished machine and this special is a must-have.

Interest Range: Comedy

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