Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Product Spotlight: Dark Knight Rises "Batman vs. Catwoman" Book

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The Dark Knight Rises: Batman versus Catwoman

About the Book: There's a ferocious feline in town, and she's out to steal from Gotham's wealthy citizens. Unfortunately, Catwoman makes a mistake when she visits venerable citizen Bruce Wayne and takes Bruce's prized family heirloom. She thinks she made a clean escape . . . but she doesn't know who she toyed with!

Our Take: Batman vs. Catwoman is a storybook style softcover book that tells the movie-tied tale of Catwoman and Selina Kyle and her interaction with Batman/ Bruce Wayne.  This one has limited spoilers and is a fantastic tie-in with the new film.   Andy Smith provides great interior art and the digital coloring really makes it pop!  This one is a fun gift for any young batman fan or a fun addition to any adult collection.

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