Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Note 3 DVD Review

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The Note 3 DVD Review
Synopsis: The Note 3 is the third installment of one of Hallmark Channel's highest-rated movie series of all time, "The Note." Genie Francis and Ted McGinley reprise their roles as Peyton MacGruder (Francis) and King Danville (McGinley) and, in this installment, Peyton finds a baby abandoned on her doorstep. An anonymous note begs for Peyton to take care of the infant. As MacGruder and Danville search for the baby's rightful home, Peyton is stunned by the growing maternal instinct she feels for the small child.
Review: The Note film series are touching films that originally aired for the Hallmark Channel.  I remember watching the first of these, which I thought was fantastic.  This release is the third film, which takes the saga in a new direction, with a baby being left on Peyton and King's doorstep along guessed it..a note.  This heartwarming tale unfolds as they try to find the baby a good home.  This one is fantastic and great for the entire family.
Interest Range: Drama, TV Movie

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