Monday, July 16, 2012

Wind Blast Blu-Ray Review

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Wind Blast Blu-Ray Review

Synopsis: Cold blooded killer Zhang Ning sneaks back into China to blend in. He is quickly pursued by two fierce and brutal bounty hunters. A grisly battle ensues between the killer, bounty hunters and cops. After a flurry of gunfights, martial arts combats, car chases, equestrian acrobatics, and pyrotechnic extravaganza, many a life will be lost and much honor and glory won in this grimly exciting Chinese Martial Arts Western that should not be missed

Review: Holy crap this movie has the action!  Wind Blast is a completely homicidal and wicked Chinese Western thriller!  Zhang Ning is an ex-boxer that turns assasin.  After his last hit he needs to hide out and thinks he can blend back in China..he's SO wrong.   In insane barrage of action and bloody combat ensue.  This one is a great film for any fan of foreign action film!

Interest Range: Action, Drama

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