Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Bonanza: The Official Complete Fourth Season DVD Review

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Bonanza: The Official Complete Fourth Season DVD Review

Synopsis: BONANZA followed the High-Sierra adventures of the Cartwright family - wise patriarch Ben Cartwright and his three dissimilar sons, Adam, Hoss and Little Joe - as they attempt to maintain and operate their sprawling timberland ranch, the Ponderosa, in an era of violence and lawlessness in mid-1800's Nevada.

Review: Bonanza!  I loved Bonanza growing up.  No, I'm not that old, but the blessed abundance of 1980s reruns helped me to see so many shows that I would've otherwise missed.  Now, the airwaves are devoid of these great shows, so thankfully they're coming to DVD!   I can't go without my Hoss fix!   This absolute gem of a show was one of the best vintage western shows on TV, with lovable characters and great Ponderosan drama.  This DVD set collects the complete fourth season of the show.  Its well worth the watch for the nostalgia and its a great era of TV to expose your kids to in a time where its difficult to find appropriate programming.

Interest Range: Western, Vintage TV

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