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Depression Era Dime Store: Kitchen, Home, and Garden Book Review

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Depression Era Dime Store: Kitchen, Home, and Garden Book Review

About the Book: Like peering through the plate glass window of a Woolworth's, Kresge's, or J.J. Newberry's, this popular book reveals the wonderful array of dimestore merchandise that awaited homemakers and gardeners during our country's Depression era. Consumers in those years needed a convenient, affordable place to purchase necessities for the home--and dimestores had it all. Illustrated with over 200 images, many of them drawn from original catalogs and advertisements, this book is a virtual shopper's paradise of Depression era goods from the pretty to the practical: colorful dinnerware, cookware, salt and pepper shakers, cookie jars, linens, home decor, stationery, furniture, needlework, sewing notions, holiday decorations, gardening products, even supplies for the family pet. For all those who treasure memories of their local five-and-ten-cent store, this book is a must. Newly updated values are included for all items.

Our Take: We're big antique collectors here at the Legion.  My wife and I haunt flea markets and antique stores every weekend.  This great reference guide gives some insight into one of the most prolific types of item from the past century..the dime store.  Dime stores had it all from toys to home and kitchen items.  They were bought in large quantities and saved for decades of use.  These items can sometimes be found at estate sales still, but mostly have to be found on the secondary antique market.  This book outlines a huge variety of items, often through vintage ads, and gives any collector not only a great reference guide to what is out there, but a great heads up on how to identify whats what.  This one is a must-have, so glad to have found this book.

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