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Ella Enchanted Blu-Ray Review

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Ella Enchanted Blu-Ray Review

Synopsis: Anne Hathaway is Ella in the charming fairy tale adventure ELLA ENCHANTED. On the day of her birth Ella is given a gift by her Fairy Godmother -- the gift of obedience which is also a curse. Under no circumstances can Ella refuse anything she is asked to do no matter how wicked it may be. Tired of being taken advantage of Ella with a talking book as her companion leaves home to find her Fairy Godmother and return her unwanted gift. This simple errand soon turns into an amazing journey filled with ogres giants wicked stepsisters elves and the plotting of Prince Charmont's evil uncle who wants to take over the Crown and rule the kingdom. Bursting with colorful characters music wit and whimsy ELLA ENCHANTED is a truly enchanting and heartwarming tale that will captivate the entire family

Review: Ella Enchanted is a fantastic romantic comedy and fantasy film that came out eight years ago, but is finally making its way to blu-ray this month!  This is a great chance to own a lovely film in high-definition. 

The special features on this blu-ray disc include:
  • Deleted and extended scenes
  • "Red Carpet Premiere Special"
  • "The Magical World of Ella Enchanted"
  • Prince Charmont's Fan Club set-top game
  • Music video
  • "Happily Ever After" DVD-ROM feature

Interest Range: Family, Fantasy

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