Monday, October 22, 2012

Encyclopedia of Cabbage Patch Kids: The 1980s Book Review

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Encyclopedia of Cabbage Patch Kids: The 1980s Book Review

About the Book: Since 1978 when Cabbage Patch Kids*r dolls were "born," children have cuddled them and added new members of the clan into their hearts. This book presents the many varieties in 60 specialty lines made by three major U.S. toy companies (Coleco, Hasbro, Mattel) and many foreign companies (including Jesmar, Tsukuda, Tri-Ang Pedigree, Lili Ledy) in the 1980s. Over 750 color photos with descriptions and pricing information make this the most useful book for identifying Cabbage Patch Kids dolls.

Our Take: We love toy collecting here at the Legion, especially 1980s and 90s toys.  One of the most essential pieces to collecting toys is having a solid base of knowlege about whats out there on the market.  There is so much misinformation online, we like to still turn to print books to help.  This guide not only delves into photo cataloging all of the dolls from the era, but also the various adoption papers and hangtags that exist.  They also include all of the variations on hair, boxes and Xavier Roberts signatures that exist.  We recommend this one for anyone thats into Cabbage Patch Dolls..this is a definitive guide.  

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