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G.I. Joe Renegades: Season One Blu-Ray Review

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G.I. Joe Renegades: Season One Blu-Ray Review

Synopsis: When a spy mission against Cobra Industries goes awry, a group of young G.I. JOEs is forced to hit the road as fugitives. Now the team members (Duke, Scarlett, Roadblock, Tunnel Rat, Ripcord and Snake Eyes) must use their wits and elite training to prove their innocence to the world before being caught by the authorities, Cobra or another elite military team called the Falcons.

With exciting, action-packed storytelling, spectacular animation and incredible voice talent (including appearances by Clancy Brown (Carnivàle), Michael Emerson (Lost), Phil LaMarr (MADtv), Peter MacNicol (Ghostbusters II) and Lee Majors (The Six Million Dollar Man) G.I. JOE Renegades is guaranteed to keep you on the edge of your seat

Review: I remember watching the old Sunbow and DIC GI Joe cartoons when I was a kid.  The characters have stuck with me as an adult and I still enjoy seeing them in various incarnations.  This cartoon, which aired on Hasbro's HUB network, took me off guard at first.  I honestly wasn't a fan of the animation that I saw.  I decided to watch this show with an open mind and by the time the first episode was over, I was already hooked!  The characters are fresh and updated and the animation is edgy...and it all works!  This is the best GI Joe incarnation I've seen in a long while.  The only sad part is that HUB cancelled this show, so this is a complete series release, rather than just a complete first season.  That being said, this nice long season does a fantastic job of entertaining adult and child fans alike.   We highly recommend this one.

Interest Range: Animation

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